Do you ever think 'I wonder who made this site?' Look no further, for in the grand tradition of neocities, I will tell all!

Question Answer
What is your name? You can call me James
How old are you? I was born 15/12/1999
What is your gender? I am a transsexual
What is your political orientation? Mostly traditional Marxist-Leninism. I do have a postmodernist streak though
Is this site supposed to be so shit? Yes, I loathe modernity
What music do you like? DISCO!!! I am into House and Acid also love hyperpop. My tastes is not the most refined, usually you'll find me dancing to ABBA or Bananarama!
What films do you like? Late 90s Bollywood and anything on effed up movies (shoutout)
What books do you read? Virginia Woolf (my first love), anything sci-fi. See my bookshelf
How long have you been studying Sanskrit? 6 years
What is your day job? I am a jaded trainee solicitor
What is your prized possession? I have a Kawasaki Ninja shaped phone. When I can afford it, it will be my real one, but for now it's a toss up between the phone and my 1st edition copy of Cybernetics.
Are you a Hindu? Not in any meaningful sense. I frequent a nearby temple and Sanatana Dharma has guided me through many struggles, but I consider myself more of a run of the mill occultist
What are your main interests? I try to narrow down things I want to realistically master in my lifetime. They are: Critical Criminology, The Limbic System, Cognitive Linguistics, Indic religion and the UK law (though my interest does not lie there!)
Where are your favourite places? I grew up in Switzerland and have always loved going back. The first place I lived independently was Barcelona in 2016, I have missed it ever since. I adore the Highlands but heart will always be with the South Downs!
What would you do if you were not a lawyer? My childhood dream was to be a forensic pathologist and a rock star. I can't say I ever went off the idea. Part of me would love a TV career doing a vegan foraging show- I've written the script! My only other job was managing online sales at a bookshop but I'd buy so many of their books I think I made a loss!
Do you make art? Yes. I draw with promarkers. Got 50 of them for £2 at a charity shop and cannot use anything else! Dreading when they run out. I am making a musical based on DMT's 'machine elves'. It is fun as I have not used the mediums of film or song since I was about 11
Do you speak any other languages? Yes! I speak French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Hindi and Indonesian (and Urdu and Malay- as I always put on CVs). I speak some Kreyol and German I can read Japanese and Chinese and I can get by in Yoruba- much to British Nigerians' amusement, I remember some Biblical Hebrew and can read Greek and Latin too.
What is your favourite body part? I am obsessed with the colon- yes that one I am always looking for detoxes, enemas, oils whenever I am ill- it drives my friends mad. I also have a mutation which makes me have one less tooth than normal. In general I love the brain particularly the Limbic System
Do you have any bad habitss? I am far too polite and have accidentally gotten involved with cult members, psychopaths and shitty startups because of it- it is lucky I'm not gullible too! I spend far too much time (which is any ammount of time) watching CRAP politics on youtube knowing it will annoy me. Sometimes after difficult days at work, I drink alone (unashamedly) and send long voice notes to my friends and shop online
Do you play any sport? I am trained in taekwondo and was an ice skater for a long time. I also surf when I can. My transition made it difficult to persue either but I still love to skate and do some martial arts practice every morning
What is a skill you wished you had but don't? I would give my left foot to be better at maths. It's in everything! I also wish I was a better writer. I do play a french horn but I wish I was a bit better at writing songs. I get synesthesia in that I see some smells, tastes and pains in colour but I cannot see music and I blame it for all my music writing problems. I feel like I got all the usele senses
Is love all you need? All you need is love!
Can I rave with you? 100% email me!